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Angels & Spirit Guides Workshops

Did you know...

. that every one of us has at least one Angel and one Spirit Guide, and often many more, with us always?

. that your Guides and Angels are available at all times to help and support you on your life's journey?

. that the only thing keeping you from a life of joy and fulfillment is your own fears and negative beliefs?

. that to an Angel, your thoughts are as real and as powerful as your words or your prayers?

. that your Guides and Angels love you unconditionally, see you as perfect in every way for your life's purpose, and never stand in judgment of you or your actions?

. that numerous other Guides and Angels are available to you for help and guidance, just by asking?

. that you can learn to see, hear, feel and know your Guides and Angels with your heart?

At an

Angels & Spirit Guides


you will come to a deeper understanding of these facts, and more....

.You will learn the difference between your Angels, Spirit Guides and Earth Guides, and their unique roles in your life.

.You will learn the basics of "who you really are" as an energy being inhabiting a human body, and of your Sacred Contract.

.You will learn some of the ways in which you "tie up you angels wings", blocking the flow of abundance in your life.

.You will learn techniques to let go of stress, to raise your vibration to better connect with your Angels, your Guides and your Higher Self.

.You will learn the role of Love and of Fear in your life, and how to recognize Fear, even when it disguises itself as Love.

.You will learn to open yourself to receiving guidance, and to start trusting the guidance you receive.

.You will experience connection with your own Spiritual Support Group and begin an ongoing dialog which will change your life.

.You will learn the rudiments of using basic tools for spirit communication such as angel-writing and pendulum and body dowsing.

.You will meet, through Rev. Joy, some of her Angels and Guides, and have the opportunity to ask them questions

Angels & Spirit Guides

Part One: An Introductory Presentation

In this presentation you will receive an overview of information about Angels, Archangels and Spirit Guides, who they are and why they are with us. We will explore the ways to recognize their presence and how they interact with us in our lives. We will discuss the concepts of Sacred Contract, and the awareness of who we are and why we are here, and the roles that angels and guides play in this human journey.

A two-hour presentation with Rev. Joy Violette Wolf. Cost: $25

Angels & Spirit Guides

Part Two: Intensive Workshop

This is an experiential workshop, in which you will not only receive more in-depth information about the topics covered in the Introduction, you will also learn and practice techniques to help you to connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides. You will also experience, through a unique and powerful guided meditation process, an opportunity to meet with one or more of your personal spiritual support team, connect with them, experience their loving energy, ask them questions and share gifts with them. You will also learn more about communication techniques such as "angelwriting" and dowsing, and how to practice them wisely and safely.

A four-hour workshop intensive with Rev. Joy Joy Violette Wolf. 

Attendance at Part One Introductory Presentation is required for this workshop. Cost: $65

"Angels & Spirit Guides" Workshops Parts One & Two may be offered separately, or as a full-day intensive seminar.

Contact Rev. Joy at WolfStone and check the "News & Events" area of this website for workshop schedule

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in the comfort of your own home, and, as host, you attend for free! Contact us about

WolfStone Host Home Gatherings today!

About Rev. Joy Violette Wolf

Rev. Joy Violette Wolf is an ordained minister of the Healing Fellowship of the Unified Mother-Father, a Living Faith and Healing Ministry. She is also a Certified Unity Healer and Energy Worker. She has gathered over 30 years of experience in metaphysical studies and practice, including Eastern, Western and Native American spirituality.

Rev. Joy's practice includes hands-on, resonance and intuitive healing modalities; spiritual counseling, Heart-Centered Healing; connection with Angels, Spirit & Earth Guides and Totems; Vibrational Healing Circles; Trance Dance; drumming, song & storytelling; and healing, prayer & meditation circles.

Working with groups, families, couples and individuals, Rev. Joy shares her heart-centered vision of wholeness and harmony while honoring each soul's unique personal journey. The teachings she embraces are inspirational, authentically-empowering and non-dogmatic, with a positive focus on the celebration and joyful understanding and acceptance of Self.

Together with her husband and spiritual partner, Nathan Stein, Rev. Joy has created WolfStone, a Holistic Healing and Transpersonal Learning Center in Black Mountain North Carolina .

For more information, please contact WolfStone at 828-669-2933 or go to the "Contact Us" page of this website. You may also directly email us at wolfstonesource@hotmail.com


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